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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

For the Ryobi specifications and pricing head over to this legendary site

OR you may be able to find a better deal here

Lets be honest the Ryobi brand as a whole is more of a DYI, cheap and easy solution to dads who either are not tradesmen, are picking up a hobby or are trying to flex their man card with the kids and wife. Whatever your reason the Ryobi series and specifically the Grinder as seen above are a fit for purpose tool. If the purpose falls within the non-industrial use category.

Cheap, ugly as sin and yet surprisingly reliable. If you're looking for a very capable brand with a good breath of variety in other tools. Than this is your go to 'weekender'. If you're a young apprentice and cash is not your friend...then I would highly recommend NOT buying this tool line because you will never live down the workplace shame. However, If you're an apprentice and mum needs some help around the house. See if you can pick up a Ryobi Grinder to stock the garage with.

Guys and Girls, Mums and Dad long story short. The Ryobi is bigger, bulkier, a littler more cumbersome in terms of triggers, batteries and safety guards. But with all that said. I've owned one in the past and pretty sure I still have it locked away in the back shed. The Green mutant of a Grinder doesn't seem to die and has lasted years despite its cheap price. Just like Milwaukee...Price isn't always the sign of quality.

Last note: Always go for the larger sized batteries with Ryobi (And most brands) Do yourself a favor in the long run grab yourself the full kit here.

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