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Well, well, well...

Where do we start with this cheeky, shape shifting, name juggling brand of Grinder.

The Rigid for 'Yall' Americans amongst us or more commonly known on the local Australian site as the 'Sunburnt Cutting thingy' or AEG. Is a significantly underrated tool within the broader market.

I'm sure there are some die hard Grinder Warriors out there who would think these comments are sacrilege. However, from personal experience this orange beast is a ferocious animal. Second only to its direct biological brother the majestic male lion of the African plains.

The RIGID/AEG 18V Grinder is significantly powerful, rugged and has great battery performance. From on site comparisons, this grinder has on many occasion out performed my Milwaukee and Makita grinders. Ill be honest with you! My pride and commitment to Milwaukee was shaken when I using this bad boy. I felt a little naughty, like I was almost being unfaithful to my beloved, overpriced Red Milwaukee love.

So, considering we all like measuring our tools. Lets put some figures down. How many RPMs does this grinder produce. Well, if you head over to this link! here. You can find the data you require to do some quantitative number crunching.

Let it be know though! Despite the fact that RIGID/AEG 18V is a somewhat hard brand to find. And doesn't boast the impressive range of supporting tools such as Makita and Milwaukee. This Grinder is much cheaper and definitely more powerful than the previously mentioned brands.

Finally, If you see someone with a RIGID/AEG 18V rolling around on site. Think not, of what the man can do for you! But what the grinder can do for that man. As such, go forth my one off tool buyers and purchase yourself a RIGID/AEG 18V from you local online tool panty attached below.

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