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I guess I never thought about how fast unicorns were until I stumbled across this black and white critter lurking in the shadows of a clients house. From that moment I was a kid in a candy shop and had to get a hold of this rare collectors item. Turns out unicorns are fast, like real fast. Apart from being surprised. I thought I was still a little shaken from some gluing I was doing earlier. And so I had to google the characteristics of this Grinder for myself. Turns out my ears are fairly calibrated to the RPMs of Cordless Grinders these days. This boring betty of a grinder comes in around the 10,000 RPMs range on the second higher voltage setting (I know! weird...But well get into that).

A second Voltage setting! Panasonic are you on drugs? What is the point? This isn't a drill bit trying to make its way through stainless steel. This is Grinder! a tool of violent yet controlled destruction. No one who has ever picked up a grinder has stood back and pondered about how they should attack the problem at hand. When someone picks up a grinder there are only two thoughts going through their minds. One: How good are these safety glasses and Two: will anything catch on fire if I cut this way. I will pay someone in McDonalds coupons if I'm wrong and you have personally walked up to a piece of reinforced metal bar and thought 'mmmm, baby! I'm gonna do you slow'

Sorry, rant over!

Okay, so how does it feel and operate? Honestly, this grinder looks and definitely feels a little cheap. I mean in terms of overall looks its quite boring but that's fairly redundant in the endgame. However, the grinder hails from Panasonic and so with that being said it carries that 'plastic' feel right through to this Cordless Grinder. The trigger mechanism although very similar to some higher quality, more popular brands is fairly annoying. I personally don't like have to provide a good level of thumb pressure to the trigger to operate this tool. It makes for much less versatile cutting angles and positions. And in line with the aforementioned comments! The battery also replicates that cheap feel.

In summary, this grinder will do the job! It is a grinder after all isn't it. Be under no illusions it will make a lot of noise and spin really fast. But I wouldn't go launching it into your truck and march this bad boy onto a work site. This high speed unicorn belongs at home, safe and sound in your garage next to the 40 other tools boxed away in the 'never used' pile. Just lurking for that rainy day to potentially gallop its way to a one time victory. Nevertheless, go and have squizz at this grinder for yourself. Who know... maybe this Unicorn tickles your fancy. Click here to zoom your way over to Amazon.

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