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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

You've come to the gold standard of Cordless Grinders. So treat yourself and head here for your new Milwaukee Cordless Grinder.

Now if you're not familiar with power tools specifically Grinders. Than the Milwaukee M18 Grinder is the bench mark for Cordless Grinders.

Powerful, Ergonomic, Durable and sleek.

This Grinder has everything that the most experienced tradesman requires, yet will provide an inexperienced user with a high quality of ease and precision when using.

There are two minor downsides to owning this 5AH 18V Milwaukee M18 Grinder. And they are 1) That the safety shield is not overly rugged and at times the mechanism can be quite cumbersome to operate. And 2) That the price, similar to all Milwaukee tools can be quite high up on the list. At the current rate the Milwaukee brand is travelling this grinder will become superseded in the coming years by a newer model...naturally. However, with out a doubt the durability and versatility of this model will see it operate effectively right until the end of its natural operational life.

A unique benefit of this grinder that separates it from other competitors is the ergonomic trigger and safety mechanism. For single handed operation in those tricky spots. This becomes a notable advantage in terms of pressure to 'hold the trigger' and slipping of the trigger.

This tool is best bought as a package deal due to the high prices of individuals units. However, the cost of 'forking out' for a combo kit proves significantly beneficial when committing to the Milwaukee brand name.

For specifications on the M18 Grinder, simply search through the following link:

Here or for a better deal head to this site.

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