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The Metabo 18V Cordless Grinder is the little brother of an enormous family of overachieving bigger brothers. This is one of the most basic grinders in the Metabo collection across many different levels. However, the Metabo 18V is without a doubt the only valiant contestant to give Hilti a valid challenge. I would categorize Metabo as the brand, not just this grinder as fitting well within the Tier One category of power tools. Metabo, could almost be stated to be the leading world specialists in grinding operations. Metabo have tailored and tinkered throughout the years with a wide variety of grinders, from flat heads to extended cutting blades. And so it goes without saying that Metabo is one of, if not the best manufacturer of Grinders.

Specifically, their Metabo 18V series holds its own, if not sets the standards within the wider

market. Why is this you ask? Well, when you finally get your hands on one of these grinders you will immediately notice that the quality of machining. Like Hilti, Metabo is second to none. Secondly, this variant of grinders comes in quite a bit more compact than other brands such as the Bosch, Milwaukee and Makita. All of which are fairly long in comparison to the Metabo 18V. This makes for a much more ergonomic feel when operating this tool. For the Australians amongst us this Metabo grinder is essentially a stubborn wombat of reliability and precision. And for those international viewers amongst us...Well google the Honey Badger. I would say that this would be only suitably spirit animal for this Grinder. Ferocious, compact and borderline indestructible.

Moreover, on an operational level I have used this Grinder multiple times on site whilst switching between the other brands owned by those working in close proximity to me. And I must say, although its anecdotal evidence. This grinder does 'feel' like it has a little more grunt locked away within that smaller chassis. And so with the smaller size and more powerful feel of this grinder I would safely say that its the best/second best 18V Cordless Grinder on the market at the moment.

The technology integrated into this grinder doesn't overly rival that of the Bosch. It hasn't got any fancy speed settings, blue tooth compatibilities or remote sign in features like how some of these other brands having been trying to incorporate into their products. I suspect only to swindle an ignorant sale. BUT! Lets be honest who needs anything more than a convenient universally accessible trigger mechanism that has one glorious speed setting of 'Destroy'

All joking aside, this is a serious brand, a serious grinder and a little pricey but nothing too shocking. And in that case It would have to definitely take the lead over the Hilti. Your only issue with this grinder will be swapping batteries onsite or finding someone else onsite with a charger. They're somewhat rare amongst the general trade crowd.

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