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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

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The new and improved, lean green (turquoise...I guess) fighting machine that is the Makita 18V series of Grinders. This grinder is slim line, tough as the steel its going to be cutting and doesn't mind being bashed around. The overall looks of the new model rivals the Milwaukee series found here. However, I must say as far as grinders comes its significantly powerful and the battery life seems fairly normal. Nothing to dissimilar from the 5AH Milwaukee grinders I have extensive experience with. So...

Two key features that separate this Grinder from its main competitor (the Milwaukee) is that the safety guard is a black gloss finish...joking, who cares. BUT it is slightly smaller in size from its Red Devil counterpart. This seems trivial I agree however, the smaller size in guard has made life significantly easier in the past. Especially getting into those tight places, hanging off an A frame ladder with one hand barely on the trigger.

The biggest question you need to ask yourself when looking at buying this grinder is....

'Which brand name do I want to sign up to?'. At the moment it seems to be an all out battle between Milwaukee and Makita for overall quality of compatible power tools systems.

This Grinder is an excellent tool, I don't like the trigger mechanism but the overall size and durability and lets be honest color work well for me. I give it 4/5 thumb's up. So do yourself a favor, steer clear of high prices in wholesalers and head over to Amazon

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