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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Welcome to the Ducati 1199, No!...The Ferrari 488 Spider...NO!, the F22 Raptor Fighter Jet of Grinders. This here ladies and gentlemen is the apex of Industrial grade cutting tools. Sleek, smooth, and manufactured to precision. The HILTI 22V could be the heavy hitting, big booty swinging, spark shooting new addition to your tool kit should you so wish it. However, all the pleasantries aside this bad boy comes with a little junk in the trunk. She's expensive fellas. Like you're gonna need to re-mortgage your house kind of expensive. At nearly double the price of other market Cordless Grinders at least you'll be able to swiftly cut into you savings keg and access those pennies that you'll now desperately need to pay for the next 4 weeks worth of lunches.

Suffice it to say, the HILTI 22V is the OG Cordless Grinder. This is evident due to the fact that the Milwaukee M18 variant (The popular vote) shamefully stole the excellent trigger mechanism. As well as the tough red and black styling akin to that of the Pseudechis Porphyriacus or more commonly known Red Bellied Black Snake. Which might I say clearly paved the way forward for the modern day tool companies to make their Battery Powered Tools significantly more 'sexy' not just practical.

This HILTI 22V whopper will cut through steel like a hot knife to butter, other tradesman's egos like Samurai Jack and your bank account like Jeff Bezos' ex wife. The only down side to this Cordless Grinder is the overly large battery hanging out the back side. Its heavy, its cumbersome and needs a 10 week weight loss challenge. HILTI please sort this mess out, please and thanks!

So lets get to it. Do you need it? no, no you don't. Do you want it? Well...If you have semi normal testosterone levels then the answer to that question is absolutely. BUT! If you buy it will you regret it? Definitely not. This Cordless Grinder is essentially indestructible and will more than likely outlast your lower spine after a life of 'slinging the tools'. As a Tradesman back in the day always used to say to me. There's only three things that can survive a nuclear explosion. And that's Cockroaches, Twinkies and HILTI 22V Grinder.

If your salary is less than 80k per annum. Then seek financial advise before purchasing. But if you earn more than that please jump to the link below to begin your new life.

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