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The gamma radiation that turned this reputable brand from Hitachi into Hikoki definitely had some lasting effects on these Grinders. There are currently three version of this 18V Cordless Grinder, all with minor subtle mutations. This grinder comes with two distinct trigger mechanisms. The regular finger trigger located on the side of the grinder (Not my personal favorite) and then the paddle trigger mechanism similar to that of the Hilti and Milwaukee. Long story short... Avoid the confusion and frustration and pick the version with the paddle mechanism. This will allow for a more fluid and versatile hand hold, leading to better operational manoeuvre.

This lean green grinding machine boasts all the modern features that the best grinders do! And for a pretty price, this somewhat underground series of grinder can be yours. The Hikoki 18V series provides a forward leaning handle with very basic shock absorbing feature near the anchor point. Although this is quite a unique and nice feature to include in a removeable grinder handle. Let it be known, if you're having significant vibration issues with your grinding abilities that requires you to need a shock absorbing feature in the support handle. Than I would say promptly place the grinder down, back away slowly and seek help from someone slightly more capable. As you're well on your way to skipping a grinder disc right into your face. Still a nicely unique feature from where credit is due.

It must be noted though that Hikoki definitely back their tools with a spectacular 6 year warranty. I would say that the common trend among other brands it offer the bench march 3 year warranty. So investing in this tool definitely comes with its perks. The question I always find myself asking when looking to invest in such a pricey brand is what other tools can I play battery musical chairs with. And suffice it to say...there's honestly not much difference within their offered line. The biggest issue with brands these days, and Hikoki (No offence Hikoki) is that there's too much competitive choice. So In good way its makes tool selection rather easy... Pick a color and style and you're on your way to a good experience. Hikoki is definitely competitive and an all round capable grinder to have onsite or in the home collection.

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