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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Lads and Ladies, Here it is the Dewalt DCG412B 18V

This 18V beast looks like and performs like the futuristic weapon that it is. Yellow is natures color to signify danger. Well this bad boy is definitely dangerous if you're a piece of Uni Strut or sheet metal.

Click the link, job done. Get Grinding.

Things to like about this yellow hornet.

The machine head is significantly smaller than other grinders and as such allows for a much more niche use of the machine in tricky spots. The hand guard is a unique feature for a grinder. But having used this grinder in the past. I must say I rather like that cheeky layer of protection it gives you. Most importantly I feel like I'm wielding some form of yellow Excalibur when I operate this tool. And finally the trigger mechanism is user friendly. The most important part of modern grinders to get right.

Things that aren't the best...

The Battery - The size, lifespan and lets be honest the look. This tool on the back end really blows out and looses any previously gained respect I once had for it.

Overall though, this is a tool well worth its weight.

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