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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Head over here to grab one from the great Amazonia

Fellas! The Bosch Cordless Angle Grinder...Well at least one version of it.

Am I keen on it...Maybe, Does it work...sure does. Does it look like a John Deer Tractor...Absolutely. If you want the full specs, scroll down the page on this link

Look the functionality is fine in terms of general use. The battery LED warning lights are built into the actual tool and not the battery which I don't like. From years of walking around on site swapping batteries only to walk 100m up a corridor and realize you grabbed a dead battery when you plug it in to check. Yeah no thanks. The overall chassis of the tool is nice and slim line and the price can be quite competitive.

The trigger mechanism, if you've read any of my other posts! I am absolutely not a fan of for many reasons. But primarily I find it restrictive when I'm trying to gun sling my way to success using a grinder. I just don't have the reach or range of movement I typically like.

Honestly, In terms of looks it just isn't keeping up with the new and improved 'tough' aesthetic design some other brands such as Makita and Milwaukee have.

Although I might say that this variant is getting closer.

Now, the selling point. If I was someone who wasn't involved in the trades/construction and needed a one off tool to 'Bang It in'. Sure, this Bosch would go down so well. BUT, if you need it to be compatible with other tools. I feel like Bosch is struggling to keep up with the variety of other brands. I'm talking about swapping those batteries between tools.

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